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Angry Birds Soft Toys Sale

Angry Birds Soft Toys Sale

Angry Birds, the wildly successful mobile game produced by Rovio Studios has taken the world by storm. Even since its launch in Apple AppStore, and now also in Nokia Ovi and Google Marketplace, it has consistently stayed in the number 1 App being downloaded. It is not a coincident that Angry Birds has been so popular, it combines a good mix of humorous and simple game play. It is a very addictive game and good way to pass time when you are on the move. It is common to see young people tapping at their smartphones in the public and there is a good chance they are playing Angry Birds. There is even an Angry Birds Birthday cake made by adoring fans of the game. With the newly released Angry Birds Rio, it is likely that the Angry Birds craze will go on for a long time.

The fact that it is so simple to play explains why people from all walks of life and age are captivated by this game. Anyone from young to old can pick up the game in a matter of seconds with the simple layout and clear objectives. Basically, you have a limited amount of birds which you can slingshot to destroy the green pigs that are hidden within the structures. As in all games, there will be variants of birds, building structures and pigs to make the task more challenging.

As in all successful mobile games, the character design is an important aspect in its rise to stardom. Angry Birds is no different with its star-studded cast of cute and adorable family of birds. The birds are differentiated by their colors which also represents their unique abilities in the game. There are seven types of birds in the game: Red, Blue, Yellow, Black, White, Boomerang and Big Brother Bird. As for the opposing pigs, there are four types: Green, Moustache, King and Helmet Pigs. Each represents the difficulty of killing it by the Birds. You start off with the basic Red bird and unlock more as you progresses in the game. However, if you are using the Angry Birds Lite version, you will only be able to play the first ten levels. You can purchase the full version which costs only $0.99 from the AppStore.

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Riding on this successful franchise, the game studio has commissioned the sales of Angry Birds Soft Toy Sale last year. This is another smart move by the company to monetize this Angry Birds phenomenon. It capitalizes on the craze for the game and created something tangible for ardent supporters of Angry Birds. If your loved one is playing this game day and night, you know what gift to buy them for their birthdays. You can buy them as Birthday gifts or for special occasions and it will draw a pleasant surprise for the recipient. Hardcore lovers of Angry Birds will buy the Full set of Angry Birds Toys for collection. In any case, Angry Birds Soft Toys is the ideal gift for kids and loved ones. They are cheap and affordable for most people. Children can hug this soft toy as a companion while they are sleeping or outdoors. Adults can create a fun and light hearted atmosphere in the office by throwing it at their colleagues. There are so many fun ways you can play with the Angry Birds soft toys. It is different from other plush toys which are mainly for displays.

It is worth it when you only need to spend a little money to make the day of the recipient happier. The Angry Bird toy which is the most popular to buyers is the Red Bird. It is constantly in the top selling list of toys everywhere including Amazon. Customer reviews have been generally positive and excited about having an Angry Bird to complement the game. Though the prices in Amazon may seem higher than Rovio’s website, it has already included shipping. Sometimes, the official website may run of stocks and places like Amazon provides a central marketplace for resellers who might still have the Angry Birds for sale.

Price Reviews of Angry Birds Plush Toys

Angry Birds Soft Toys are sold in different sizes and prices vary accordingly. The price of the Angry Birds Collector’s toys ranges from $8 for the smallest to $64 for the largest. You should select the suitable Angry Bird Toy gift based on the receiver’s age, gender and preference. Below are the different sizes of Angry Birds Soft Toys for sale. Click on the images for more details.

3 inch – This is the mini Clip-On Stuffed Plush toy. It is suitable for children to attach to their schoolbags or prams. You can either Get a Set for $27.95 or Single Toy for $8.95. You can buy one of these little clip-on as a nice decorative item in the car, bag or Christmas trees. Get ONE Here Now.

5 inch – This is roughly the size of a palm and easily cuddled by small kids.They can easily be carried in the school bags of children. A set of these Angry Birds makes excellent display at home or in a car. At this size, they are good enough for cuddling and bedside distraction for toddlers.                                                              View the Black Bird and other 5 inch Angry Birds HERE.

8 inch – These are rather big and not suitable to be carried around. We do not really recommend this for young children as they may not be able to handle it well. Instead, teenagers will adore these cuddly little toys. For youths who are dating, they will make an awesome Valentine’s Day gift.                                                               Get the all 8 inch Angry Birds for amazingly low prices HERE.

16 inch – The giant Angry Bird toy makes the ideal bedside companion. Currently, this size is only limited to the Red Bird. With this gigantic size, you are bound to attract some attention and expression of love for your recipient.                                  GET ONE at Discounted Price!

As the Angry Birds Plush Toys were introduced late in 2010, it was sold out early and stocks were not available for the year-end holiday season. However, for 2011, popular sale periods such as Black Friday, Christmas, Thanksgiving and other major holidays, you will be able to get your hands on these cute toys. You can buy these for your homes or workplace to lighten the atmosphere by throwing it at one another. Have Fun!

Customer Reviews for Angry Birds Soft Toys Collectibles

“Very good quality, looks just like the game. It’s a lot of fun throwing it at each other at work. If you like the game, this is a great toy!” by Jdolluc

“I bought these gift for my girl cause she’s a little fan of the game. She loved it and was very surprised. It’s worked miracles for me since she got them ;)” by Psycrow172

Collectibles Deal for the Genuine Collectors

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