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Best Toys For Kids With Cerebral Palsy

Best Toys For Kids With Cerebral Palsy

What Is Cerebral Palsy?

Cerebral Palsy in children refers to a muscular disability brought about by damage to the cerebrum in which individuals find it difficult to control their movements in day to day life. Cerebral Palsy in children can manifest itself in mostly three ways. A child may suffer from Spastic Cerebral Palsy which can cause muscles to stiffen resulting in an inability to control the muscles in one particular part of the body or in the whole body. A child may also suffer from Athetotic Cerebral Palsy which is not very common and causes slow involuntary movements of the body and affects the body as a whole. Ataxic Cerebral Palsy is rare and basically interferes with balance and hinders any activity that requires intricate muscular coordination. Cerebral Palsy can be a very worrisome illness as simple actions like running, walking and even standing become herculean tasks. Even though Cerebral Palsy in children is a muscular problem, consequences may include sensory and learning problems too.

Recommended Range Of Toys For Kids With Cerebral Palsy

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Toys For Kids With Cerebral Palsy

Irrespective of whether a child is normal or is suffering from an illness, toys are an integral part of growing up. When choosing toys for a child with Cerebral Palsy, care should be taken that the toy is suitable for the kind of illness the child has. Toys for kids with Cerebral Palsy are different in design in that, if it is a puzzle, or a bunch of blocks, the size of the parts are relatively larger so that it is easier for a child to hold the pieces in his hand. Picking up smaller pieces can be rather challenging for a child who has no control over his muscles. It is also advisable to pick a toy that can enhance a child’s motor skills. Balls made of different colors which are large, building blocks with large pieces and puzzles with large pieces make perfect toys for kids with Cerebral Palsy. Toys for kids with Cerebral Palsy should not be mechanically complicated. Toys which require simple actions like lifting pushing and fixing will encourage the child to use his hands and will be very delightful for him when he sees his efforts bearing fruit. Some kids who suffer from Cerebral Palsy may also suffer from cognitive and learning impairment which need to be addressed by giving them toys which help learning. Books, objects and toys which grab their attention through a vivid display of colors and a variety of sounds will capture their attention and help them learn basic things in life like numbers, shapes and objects. Toys for kids with Cerebral Palsy should be picked carefully because toys are meant to be a source of enjoyment and a good learning experience and not a source of frustration.

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