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Buying Smurfs Plush Toys

Buying Smurfs Plush Toys

Smurfs: Blue Companions for Everybody

Looking for a toy to give your kids as a gift? Look no further because, Smurfs, the hottest toy of the year is now available in almost all toy stores- With these little blue plastic creatures, your kids would have something cute, funny and popular toys to play with. They can create their own villages, make up characters and use their imaginations to come up with unique, magical and adventurous stories.

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How The Smurfs Come About

The evolution of Smurf to today’s most popular back goes as far back as 1958 while a Belgian guy named Peyo was dining with a friend. Franco people may use a term to call something which name they have fleetingly forgotten, and that is- “schtroumpf”. While having a meal, Peyo wanted to add more salt to his food, but the term salt skipped his vocabulary for a while. Thus, instead of asking for salt, he said “could you pass me the “schtroumpf”. His friend passed him the salt while referring to it as “schtroumpf”.

Peyo was the talented artist behind a popular comic series of Franco- Belgian community.  He created Johan et Pirlouit or Johan and Peewit in English. The characters of Smurfs didn’t appear until the artist wrote Johan and Peewit’s The Flute with Six Holes. In this story, the lead characters had to get a magical flute. They needed the assistance of the great Omnibus, a wizard. Because of him, Johan and Peewit came across with the Schtroumpfs. These were tiny blue creatures under the ruling of a tiny blue elderly with a beard.

These blue creatures became popular on their own right and became constant characters of the said series.  In 1959, Schtroumpfs got their first storyline. The term Smurfs is a Dutch translation of “schtroump” of which, the English term has been taken.

Evidently, these adventurous tiny blue creatures have been popular from the very beginning. This year, Columbia Pictures with Sony Pictures Animations released a 3D animated film of the popular blue creatures of Peyo. Like their starting, the story of the film is filled with magic and adventure. But this time, our characters get to know New York after being forced out of their peaceful village. In this movie, you will find favorite characters like Papa Smurf, Clumsy, Smurfette and of course, our latest character, Gutsy, are all out and ready to find their way back home.

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Reliable Papa Smurf                      Lovely Smurfette                Cute Clumsy Smurf

Where To Buy Smurfs Soft Toys

Children who have watched the movie will definitely want to get their hands on the cuddly characters. Even for most adults, having a Smurf Soft Toy will bring back nostalgia as it is one cartoon that left the deepest impression during their childhood. You can choose from the various sizes of The Smurf Plush Toys. The variant starts from 6 inches high toys. There are also 10, 12 and 13 inch high Smurf toys. If these sizes are not good enough, try the 21- inch toys for their jumbo sizes.

With the recent launch of the Smurfs franchise, you will be able to purchase their soft dolls in any of the big children’s mall. Toys r Us, Wal-Mart and Target. You can also find the different Smurfs merchandise available online such as games, season DVDs and building block games.

Of course, with such great reputation, video game creators and consoles would never miss the chance to adapt these characters into games. Thus, Smurf video games have been available since the late 80s and started gaining popularity in the 90s. With the rejuvenation of Smurf franchise, the lovely blue characters have been adopted for different mobile gaming platforms. Smurf Village is a popular app on Apple’s App Store and it will only have more downloads after the movie premieres.

As of this moment, only Apple has applications available for Smurfs. But don’t feel sad if you’re an Android user, soon enough, you’d have Smurfs on your gadget or device to keep you busy making potions and following trails of adventure.