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Choosing Toys For Children With Down Syndrome

Down Syndrome (DS) is a condition which affects 1 in 800 babies born in the United States. The ability to learn in children with Down syndrome is impaired, however they are able to learn and have the capacity to develop skills right through their lives. DS affects the sensory movement in kids because of which they encounter difficulty in attempting to sit, stand, roll and speak. A common symptom is weakness of the muscles in the body coupled with intellectual disability.

Promote thinking and creativity

Children with DS display a wide range of abilities but have to be evaluated individually. As no two children with DS are alike, when you decide to look for toys, start by listing the specific challenges that your child faces. Choose toys which will address the child’s disabilities and help it to master the skills necessary to achieving normal developmental milestones. An effective medicine to develop skills is to encourage them to engage in DS activities and play. At times such free play advances the child the most. Here are some suggestions.

  • Children with DS have short attention spans. Find games which will allow kids to ‘win’ by completing tasks which require a short attention span. This gives them a sense of accomplishment.
  • Seek games with lights, sound and action which engage the child’s senses.
  • Repetition is the key like everywhere else. Repetition creates familiarity in children with DS which enables them to recognize patterns.
  • Many DS games and puzzles have varying levels of difficulty. Choose games like these and move progressively as the child masters the skills needed for a particular level.
  • Encourage a DS child to be creative with toys which have no right or wrong answers. Pack the toy box with markers, crayons, paints and play dough for a fun art project.
  • Children with DS love musical toys like drums, bells, keyboards and such. These promote development in the non-cognitive part of the brain.

If you are part of a support group, ask other parents for their opinion and what toys worked well for their children. Alternatively, we have a library of posts related to parental guide for your reference. There is a whole range of toys available for children with special needs.

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