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Choosing Toys For Kids With Aspergers

Choosing Toys For Kids With Aspergers

Introduction to Asperger’s Syndrome

It is important to understand that there are many types of special needs toys available on the market today for kids with Asperger’s Syndrome. If you are a parent of a kid who is experiencing the symptoms of Asperger’s syndrome, you need to understand that over a fifth of the children who are affected with Asperger’s syndrome, grow out of the condition with no further problems. The rest of the kids can be helped with proper diagnosis and counseling.

Asperger’s syndrome affects mostly children and their motor activities. Children with Asperger’s are hypersensitive to smell, touch and sound and display poor coordination skills and are also poor in communicating and interacting with others. As a result, the child may appear unresponsive in a social situation. They may even speak in an emotionless tone or even display awkward gestures. This seemingly odd behavior can cause problems with the ability to make and interact with friends. The child may also experience sleep disorders and emotional issues. Parents may notice Asperger’s symptoms in children as early as 30 months of age.

Toys Suitable for Kids with Asperger’s Syndrome

As it is social interaction that is most important for their kids, enough time needs to be spent on teaching this so that they understand the true value of it. This can be done through the help of special needs toys. The different shapes and colors of these toys will be very much enjoyed by the kids. Lego blocks are usually very much liked by the kids and they also are more responsive to visuals and computer games. Examples of some of the popular toys are given below;

1) The Social Skills Picture Book

Although this cannot be classified as a toy, it has been commended as an excellent book for developing social skills, which incidentally has also won an iParenting Media Award. The book uses fitting photographs to teach children with autism and Asperger’s syndrome appropriate social behavior. It is a must get for every parent whose child suffers from Asperger’s syndrome. Children tend to role-play skills until they are confident enough to practice them in real life social interactions. This is a must have for every child that is entering preschool or kindergarten. It is priced close to $25 at with free shipping.

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2) Vtech’s Tote And Go Laptop Plus

This toy is ideal for kids above 3 years old and is a very useful toy for kids suffering from Asperger’s syndrome. The user gets a response whenever the kid pushes a button. There is also a verbal reply when the user interacts with the toy. This toy is perfect for teaching letters, words, and more through fun games and friendly characters. It is priced around $35 at

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3) Kre-O Transformers Mirage from Hasbro

This construction set is a cross between LEGO & Transformers. Although, there are many pieces to put together, but given to the right child this is an awesome toy. The instructions might be a bit complicated for a 7 year old but there are many visuals to help the child. You can just about create a Mirage race car, robot or just about anything, they have in their mind. It is priced at just $12 and comes with free Shipping.

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How to Pick Toys for kids with Asperger’s Syndrome

Teaching a child afflicted with Asperger’s syndrome good behavior and social manners is most important. Likewise, selecting a toy should be in similar lines so that this message is conveyed to the child in a visual way. The parents can also exchange ideas with their kid’s therapist, friends, and teachers and get their views as well so as to pick the toys that their kids may like.

How Special Toys Address the Needs of Kids with Asperger’s Syndrome

As kids with Asperger’s syndrome often find social interaction difficult, the best toys that they can be given are toys that can be played with another child thereby introducing a social interaction. Additionally, with the help of children’s videos, parents can teach their children with Asperger’s syndrome as to how to behave at social places and help them with their communication skills. Building blocks and puzzles will also benefit cognitive and motor skills of those kids with Asperger’s syndrome.