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Dream Lites Pillow Pets For Sale

Dream Lites Pillow Pets For Sale

Dream Lites Pillow Pets are the irresistible new wonder toy for kids. They have an incredible night light which transforms a kid’s room into a starry night sky at the press of a button. Your kid’s room is immediately transformed into a fairyland of lights on walls and ceiling. This creates an ambience of tranquility and contentment which lulls your child to sleep.

Dream Lites Pillow Pets provide a security which makes sure your child will never be afraid of the dark again. They alleviate all fears because of which your child has a more restful sleep.

Dream Lites-My Pillow Pets are available in a number of colorful cuddly options which include a Unicorn, Butterfly, Penguin and Puppy. Find out about other options and your child’s favorite animal HERE.

Get The Popular Unicorn Dream Lites Pillow Pet NOW

Unicorn Dream Lites Pillow Pet On Sale

Additionally these toys come with four light options – Amber, Steady Blue, Green and a combination of three colors. The colors operate in a continuous cycle which changes every four seconds. And the face of your child’s favorite toy is projected among the stars.

Dream Lites operate on 3 AAA batteries. The toy comes alive at the press of a button and has a built-in timer which switches it off automatically after 20 minutes.

All Dream Lite options come in a convenient size of 11” – not too large, but large enough to be cuddled. They are perfect for children aged between 3 and 4 1/2-years old.

Customer reviews have commented very favorably about Dream Lite toys. Children absolutely adored them and it put them into a deep and comfortable sleep.

Dream Lite toys are available at all leading toy stores. The cost varies according to the toy, but in general ranges from $25 to $30. The power adapter costs an additional $10. Dream Lite toys are also available online, in particular at Amazon.

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