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Intex Rainbow Ring Pool Play Center Deals

Intex Rainbow Ring Pool Play Center Deals

Have Fun With The Intex Rainbow Ring Pool Play Center This Summer!

As the summer hits us once again and temperatures soar now is the best time for some outdoor fun. What better way to chill out and enjoy the heat than in a play pool? Your children will love the new version of the Intex Rainbow Ring Pool Play Center and have hours of fun with it. The Rainbow Ring Pool Play Center is more than just a splash pool, it is a complete miniature water park of sorts with multiple activities built in.


The Intex Rainbow Pool Activities

The Intex Rainbow Ring Pool has many different games that can be played in it and it has different sections to keep children and toddlers occupied. There is a water slide and a wading pool for slipping ,sliding fun. There is a water sprayer to get everyone wet and even a few games like a ring toss game, a ball roller game and a ball toss game to keep children entertained for hours. There are even plastic play balls included with the pool.

When your children get tired of being in the pool they can even detach the water sprayer attachment from the play pool and attach it to a hose and run about spraying each other. The pillows on the Rainbow Ring Pool make a squeaking sound when squeezed which toddlers find hilarious.

Rainbow Pool Size And Dimensions

The Intex Rainbow Ring Pool Play Center is 117” long by 53” wide and is one of the largest play pools available in this price range. It also has the largest capacity of up to 77 gallons and can be filled right up to eighty percent of this capacity, up to 65 gallons of water. For this reason it can be used by toddlers from a few months old to even children who are up to seven years old or so.

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Improvements made to the latest Intex Rainbow Ring Pool Play Center

The Rainbow Ring Pool Play Center is constantly being improved by Intex and the latest version has the one feature that parents requested the most. The Rainbow Ring Pool now comes with a built in drainage plug to make the process of emptying out the water a much simpler and a completely hassle free process. The Rainbow pool also comes with a handy repair patch in case your children get too rambunctious and puncture it.

Using the Rainbow Pool

While children over the age of three years can be left to play in the pool unsupervised, children younger than three years should never be left in the pool unattended. The Rainbow Pool has many small parts, some of which may present a choking hazard to small children. You should never leave toddlers in the pool by themselves.

User Reviews Of The Rainbow Ring Pool Play Center

Parents who bought the Rainbow Ring Pool were all surprised by how large the pool actually was and what great value for money it made. Many parents who had bought more than one Rainbow Ring Pool were pleased to see that a drainage plug had been added to the latest version. They said that the process of emptying the pool with a bucket used to take 45 minutes and now it took less than 5 minutes. Parents of toddlers said the children found the squeaking sound that the inflatable rings made irresistibly funny. They also said that the multiple activities that the play pool offered kept their children entertained and busy for hours and they never seemed to tire of the play pool. All parents agreed that the Rainbow Ring Pool Play was the perfect toy for outdoor fun this summer.