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Low Price Alex Toys My Giant Busy Box

Low Price Alex Toys My Giant Busy Box

Kids who are entering preschool or Kindergarten are full of energy and there are times you could be at a loss as to how to manage this extra energy. If you take some time off you will notice that they are also creative during this age, and there would be nothing better than channeling their extra energy into crafts.

This is where Alex Toys Kit – My Giant Busy Box comes in. GET ONE NOW! Free Shipping Included!

Alex Toys My Giant Busy Box Product Description

The Alex Toys My Giant Busy Box Toy Kit is a whole bundle of fun as there are sixteen different beautiful projects in one giant box. The Busy Box encourages imagination and creativity in a child. It also serves as a learning development for a small group of kids.

The box makes collages, dough animals, sticker art, a farm and much more. It can also create puppets out of paper bags and tissue art pictures. The kit consists of the following;

  • stick and peel tissue images
  • two frames that are plastic
  • four animal pictures in a punch out format
  • around ten colors of dough
  • large quantity of tissue paper
  • glue
  • Instructions to create projects
  • a reusable box with a woven handle

This is perfect for a child in the age group of 2 to 4, but older kids in the age group from 4 to 7 also love it.

Consumer Reviews for Alex Toys My Giant Busy Box

Customers’ say that it is ideal for working mothers’ whose husbands are constantly on the move and have to manage their young and active children alone. This creative, prepackaged project is a blessing in disguise for such mothers. It is difficult to engage children in the age group of 2 and 3, but the Busy Box kit keeps them occupied for hours as it is a lot of fun. It is extra special because most mothers park their kids in front of the TV and let them watch cartoons, not realizing that that there is a lot of bundled up creative energy inside them that needs to be channeled into the proper direction. The Alex Toy Kit surely is a big help as customers find it a fun way to spend time with their children.

Customers have gone ahead to say that they love seeing their kids getting so excited during and after finishing a project as they are so proud and eager to hang up their latest masterpiece!

Customers are also pleasantly surprised by the quality of the stuff that comes with the kit despite the low and attractive price. They also add that they find quantity of each project is generous and at the same time it doesn’t sacrifice quality. Everything is colorful, bright and printed on quality paper. The projects surprisingly create little mess. Of course, some kids may need some extra attention as they may not be so dexterous. In such a case, all you got to do is to spend some quality time to do the projects with them. Subsequently, the kids will know how to use the tools available to create their own projects. You can teach the children to string together a story using the figures developed to prolong their attention span.

The box comes with a simple guide that shows how to do a project, users can also refer to the images of the final product on the box. This way the kids can either look at the box for ideas or just do what they want and be more creative.

The most interesting part is that kids from 2 to 7 years can play this. It is guaranteed the Alex Toy Kit will keep your kids busy for at least an hour. The kit has more than enough crafts to last for weeks. The best part is that the crafts are pre-cut and designed for the not so creative parent. The crafts are cute and you don’t require anything else.

“Great gift at a great price for a 3-yr old girl. While we were a bit concerned that EVERY gift our niece got was some sort of construction/craft sort of gift, we were so happy to learn that in the next few days, she played with the projects and pieces from this box above all others.
Great price, great standalone gift. Highly recommended!” A.Feller, Satisfied Amazon Customer

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Safety Tips for Alex Toys My Giant Busy Box

Parents are forewarned to not let children below 2 years play with it as it could be a ‘choking hazard’.

Price Reviews for Alex Toys My Giant Busy Box

My Giant Busy Box is priced at around $35, but if you can get 30% off the listed price if you BUY HERE. Find the Cheapest Online Price for Alex Toys My Giant Busy Box HERE!

Our thoughts on for Alex Toys My Giant Busy Box

We am impressed with the quality of the stuff inside the Alex Toy Kit, as it entertains even the most active child. Kids find the Busy Box cool and it is perfect for anyone in the age group between 2 and 4 years old. It can also be played by kids up to 7 years as it inspires creativity, self-esteem and expression in young kids. They can either do it by themselves or you can sit with them and help them create great pictures. Although directions could be a little more explicit, I still recommend the Alex Toy Giant Busy Box Kit as it keeps kids busy and entertained for hours. This also makes an ideal gift for children who like to make news things on their own other than just watching television or playing with their toys.  In short, this colorful, creative and crafty kit is a great summer project.

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