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Parents Toy Guide For Cerebral Palsy Children

Cerebral Palsy (CP) is a brain damage condition caused either during or before childbirth, or through the first 5 years of the child’s life. CP affects the child’s ability to move in a purposeful and coordinated manner and also impacts muscle tone. Simple movements are difficult to perform – even something as simple as standing still. Other vital functions which need motor skills like bladder and bowel control, breathing, eating and learning could also be affected. CP could lead to other health issues which create speech, hearing and visionary problems, and learning difficulties. CP has no cure, but the condition can be significantly alleviated, in some cases through therapy, treatment, surgery or special equipment. The condition does not worsen over time. CP is one of the most common of childhood congenital disorders. Roughly 500,000 people in the United States suffer from this condition.

Encourage gross motor activity

Ideal toys for kids with CP are those that encourage gross motor activity which involve the large muscles in the body like the neck, trunk, arms and legs. You could take this a step further by breaking it down into activities which stimulate eye-foot coordination like hanging, climbing, catching or throwing, using tools like rolling balls, building blocks, crawling around things or through tunnels and steering or riding on wheeled toys.

Encourage infants to reach out for objects, where they have to use their arms, or to grasp things with both hands. Balls of different shapes, sizes and colors which the infant can grasp are ideal. Toys that are sensory – with flashing lights, bright colors, different textures and loud noises appeal to kids with CP.

The objective is to get the child something which is challenging without being frustrating. When buying toys for a child with CP, consider what that child in particular might like. A toy that suits one child might not be right for another.

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