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Plants Vs Zombies Toys

Plants Vs Zombies Toys

Background Of This Popular Mobile Game

For those who enjoy zombie stories like George Romero’s Dawn of the Dead, then Plants versus Zombies would be a real treat for them. This game is created by PopCap, one of the leading game publishers and creators, for the two most widely used operating system- Windows and Mac.

Plants versus Zombies is a strategy game that can be played online. The very first version was released in 2009. A year after, versions for Apple’s iPhone and iPad were also released. For this year, PopCap managed to come up with versions that can be played in Nintendo DS, Playstation 3 and an Android version, respectively.

From its original version up to the latest, the game has since gained popularity.  Hundreds of thousands online gamers have been hooked and followed this game. Interestingly, unlike any other online games, this game is being played by both men and women; younger and more mature people; students and professional alike.

Naturally, we can say all the good things about Plants versus Zombies, but gathering nominations from different game awards is a lot better. In the previous year, the game was voted as having the Best Character Game and Most Innovative Game under the category of Game Developers Choice Awards. The numerous nominations it obtained from Interactive Achievement Awards are not enough. Its soundtrack has also been applauded and admired.

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How To Play Plants Vs Zombies

What makes this game so interesting? How about being a strategy game?  Well, this is a good start because it doesn’t just let you play and play without targeting any goals.  Its gameplay revolves around protecting your home from the invasion of the undead.  Naturally, you wouldn’t want your brain to be eaten by zombies.

Thanks to our friendly and protective plants because they are your first line of defense against them “brain eaters”. In case the zombies have gone passed through your zip zapping plants, you still have a good chance of survival. Your favorite gardening equipment- the lawnmower- can also eliminate the living dead in one kill. However, make sure that it has enough charge or else, you’re supper!

Well, anyway, before you start worrying about charging your last line of defense, make sure that your plants are properly taken for. Moreover, be sure that you have enough plants and fungi planted around your house. With the right combinations of plants, you can even turn the attacking zombies against each other.

Popular Character Toys For Plants Vs Zombies

Plants versus Zombies will never be fun without its interesting characters. Of course, gamers have favorite characters from both sides.  On the side of the plants, Magnet- shroom which is very effective in depriving zombies with their metal gears; Cherrybomb that explodes instantly and kills a multitude of braineaters; Threepeater which is a real pea-shooting protector not just in one- but three- corners of the area being protected; and Tall-Nut for a stronghold defense against vaulting and nasty zombies.

Of course, zombies are not entirely hated. Without them, Plants versus Zombies wouldn’t be as much fun. Here are some of the characters that you might have to either kill or turn against each other: Pole Vaulting Zombie is pretty slick and can jump over plants; Dancing or Michael Jackson Zombie is a real necromancer because it can summon backup dancers in four different directions to make you panic with thrill; and Digger Zombie the sneaky one.

Whether you are fan or not, the toy versions of these characters will totally bring thrills and excitement to your day. So, collect the different characters and start having fun!

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