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Popular Bananagrams On Sale

Popular Bananagrams On Sale

What is Bananagrams Game?

Bananagrams is a simple word game, where all you need is a table. It is an unique word game, where players use tiles to create crossword style words. The first player to use up all their tiles is declared the winner. With many ways to play, this game is perfect for beginners, as well as more advanced players and you don’t require any pencil, paper, or board.

It can be played between two to eight people and each hand can be played in sometimes less than five minutes. It is a good game to introduce to beginners as the mechanics are easy to understand. It appears more simple and easy to people who have played Scrabble or solved a crossword.  It is a great game among family in addition to it being educational.  Unlike other vocabulary and word games, where one has to wait for the opponent to come with their words, Bananagrams is quick as the objective of the game is who finishes first. This adds an element of speed to the game as players try and finish their games quickly as players are rewarded for speed and flexibility in making their own crossword.  It is a game that can be played among adults as well as between kids (ages seven and above). It not only helps to increase the vocabulary of the kids, but the fun part is that they love it as well.

Bananagrams uses hundred and forty four small letter tiles.  The rules are so simple that all it requires is a small tag that comes inside the banana shaped pouch. Also, Bananagrams is very portable and does not come in a huge box like some games are and makes it perfect for travel.

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How to play Bananagrams

Bananagrams is relatively a simple and straightforward game. Each player is provided with a certain amount of letters which depends on the number of people playing the game. Any balance letters go down in the “bunch”.  The game is similar to Scrabble where players make words that connect to each other. But as the players are all playing against each other, they cannot play on each others words. In short it is a mixture between Boggle and Scrabble. The winner is decided by who uses all their letters first.

This game is ideal for Scrabble fans who don’t like waiting around for their turn. It’s even better as everyone plays simultaneously and you don’t have to wait for other players to figure out what on word that they should make.  The players are provided a fixed number of tiles based on how many people are playing the game.  The game begins from the moment one of the player shouts “split”. After that the players begin to assemble the tiles into words like in a crossword.  The players take on more letters as they get successful in making words. The moment one of the players complete their crossword, she shouts “peel”. Whenever a player shouts “peel” the other players have to take on another tile. The game proceeds until all the tiles from the “bunch” are used.

Another point to remember is that the moment the player who uses all her tiles will have to shout “bananas” and is declared the winner. Of course, there is also the option of challenging the winner, where the other players can inspect the winner’s crossword to make sure that all the words that have been used are valid. That is to say, the other players can challenge the words of the person, who has completed the game and if any of the words mentioned is not found in the Dictionary, then the person who shouted “bananas” is declared out and all their letters go back into the “bunch”. However, if all the words used are valid then the person who shouted “bananas” is declared the winner. Alternately, if one of your words have not been found, then you are declared a “rotten banana” with you being declared out of the game. In short, while all others play, you have to sit out. Most likely such a situation will happen at least once, during your learning process unless you are someone with a fantastic vocabulary.

The best part of it is that you can get rid of those words such as “Q”, if you don’t have an “U” to go with it. Naturally, there is a price for this, but it is well worth the price. Of course, the game can be a bit daunting to those who are not fluent with the language or those who have a poor vocabulary. The best part is that no two games are alike as things keep changing rapidly and unexpectedly.

The games zips across fast unless someone is challenged and has to put their letters back in the bunch. Likewise, if another person is challenged they could also lose their letters to the bunch, which leaves two people battling it out until the end.

Bananagrams is a lot of fun with four people but if you want to include more players then you may need the Double Bananagrams set. It is an expanded version with double the number of tiles (288 pieces).

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Who should buy Bananagrams Word Game

Bananagrams is a highly educational game that can be played by children (7 years and up)  and adults alike. Teachers can buy this for their students to play as it stimulates their thought process and improves their vocabulary efficiently. Many schools have bought Bananagrams from us in large quantities and let their students play during breaks. There are even inter-class competitions for Bananagrams much like Scrabble.

Families will also like this game as it helps to forge a bond across generations including grandparents, parents and children. Even when your family is traveling for vacation, Bananagrams can easily fit into the luggage as it is lightweight and very portable.

Where to buy Bananagrams Board Game

Bananagrams is now one of the hottest selling family games this year. You can buy one at major retailers such as Walmart, Target, Toys R Us. If you do not want to squeeze with other buyers during holiday seasons like Thanksgivings or Christmas, then you can also Buy Bananagrams Game for Sale Online through Amazon, EBay and Barnes and Noble. They will deliver this amazing game right to your doorstep. For Apple device users, there is the Bananagrams App that can be downloaded from the iTunes to your iTouch, iPhone, iPad 1 and iPad 2. With the digital app, you can play against other virtual users or friends on the go. The development for the Android version is underway and should be released soon.

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Consumer Reviews for Bananagrams Board Game

The Bananagrams is one of the top sellers in Amazon. Buyers not only gave it top marks for its quality and felt that its purchase gave them good value for their money. Most buyers agreed that it was a total family game and it was one of the most fun games that they ever played.

“This is a family favorite! There are a variety of ways you can play this game. We use three or four sets for our large “extended” family games. One of the best facets of this game is its portability–fits in a purse, backpack, or car glove box. We give bonus points at the end of each for the most creative word, longest word, etc.” M.Johnson

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Price Reviews of Bananagrams Family Game

The small banana pouch is priced around $15.00 and is far less expensive and more portable than other similar board games. However, Amazon is selling them for $7.50 only! There are many sellers here where you can do a price comparison and pick the suitable deal for yourself. You can get more than a set if you are buying on behalf of other people. At this low price, it makes Bananagrams the perfect family gift to give children and adults. It is so cheap you can buy more than one! Grab one now!

Our Thoughts on Bananagrams

Bananagrams was more of an impulse buy as I thought the banana pouch with the zipper was  cool. Although people say not to judge a book by it’s cover, but in the case of Bananagrams, it lives up to its fun packaging. I love this game as it is so addictive and am certain that you too will enjoy it. As for kids, they too will love it and it will not only increase their spelling power, but also their speed and knowledge with words. It is definitely one for the family!

Highly recommended as this is a great game for all ages! Get one this holiday season!

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