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Replacement Parts for Syma S107 Toy Helicopters

Replacement Parts for Syma S107 Toy Helicopters

If you own a Syma S107 Remote Controlled Toy Helicopter, it is common to regularly replace parts that have experienced wear and tear after frequent playing by your kids. The most vulnerable parts of the remote control helicopters are the rotor blades. These are made of plastics which are structurally weak and bend easily. The way children plays the helicopters exacerbate the problem because they may not be skillful enough in controlling the toy, thereby causing it to collide often with obstacles such as furniture or the wall. As Syma S107 Toy Helicopters are meant for indoor use, the chances of them hitting against these obstacles are very high. It is easy for these frail rotor blades to be broken and replacements have to be on hand if you do not wish to disappoint your children playing with it. It is cheap to buy replacement parts for Syma S107 Toy Helicopters online and save yourself trouble from searching it in the shopping malls.

Though the rotor blades may be made of plastic, but when it is revolving at high speed, it can cause some nasty cuts to the bare skin of a person. Therefore, it is crucial adult supervision is in place whenever your children are playing radio controlled helicopters.

Types of Replacement Parts for Syma S107 Helicopter

Replacing Main Blades for Syma S107 Helicopters

The Main Blades Rotor Blades for the Syma S107 Helicopter is located right above the toy and basically provides the lift required to elevate the system. It is also the longest rotor blades for the toy helicopter. These blades are usually the first to contact any obstacles because it extends beyond the body of the toy helicopter. Frequent collisions of the remote controlled helicopters will cause the blades to become out of shape. This can have a negative effect on the performance of the toy as controls may be affected. The toy helicopter may not be able to fly in a straight manner and becomes very difficult to maneuver. In certain cases, it may even be dangerous to play the toy because it may not stick to its flying course and veer away to hit other people. Parents have to take note of this danger and you are advised to check the conditions of the blades and change them often.
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Replacing Tail Props for Syma S107 Helicopters

The tail props are located at the tail end of the toy helicopter, it provides counter torque to the main blades. It is an important part of the toy helicopter as it provides the directional control to switch between left and right movements. These tail blades are much smaller compared to the main blades, hence, they are more susceptible to breaking upon collision. Even the slightest dent or crack will affect the integrity of the tail rotor and affect flying performance. You will know the problem with the tail blades if the toy helicopter is spinning out of control or not having smooth turn of directions. It is also time for replacements when the S107 Helicopter tail rotor is not working.
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Helicopter Balance Bar Replacement

The balance bar is located together with the main blades above the toy helicopter. It is usually damaged along with the main rotor blades when the toy helicopter crashes.
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Where to buy Replacement Parts for Syma S107 Helicopter Toy

Typically, when parents buy the Syma S107 Toy Helicopters, it is advisable to also purchase some spare blades and balance bars. This is especially useful if the kid is playing toy radio controlled helicopters for the first time. They will definitely crash the toy chopper against the wall and damage the blades or balance bar. Having these spare parts can significantly reduce the down time of the toy and appease the anxious kid.

These spare parts can easily be purchased online through Amazon where you will be able to find all replaceable components for sale. Most of the time, you can buy the Syma S107 Helicopter Toy and its related spare parts in a package price.

Price of Replacement Parts for Syma S107 Toy Helicopters

Price of Main Blades for Syma S107

The cost of the main blades for Syma S107 toy helicopters is only $1! You can buy them along with the toy helicopters and enjoy bulk discounts. You can choose the color of the main blades, yellow, red or blue to match your Syma S107 Helicopters. A set of the main blades consist of 4 blades, 2 for the upper and 2 for lower.

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Price of Tail Propellers for Syma S107

A set consists of 4 tail blades and they are very cheap at only $0.49. It has to be the cheapest you can find anywhere.

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Price of Balance Bar for Syma S107

Unbelievably low price Balance Bar for your Syma S107 Toy Helicopter at only $0.50! Get One Now!

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– Main Blades Grip Set
– Battery for Syma S107
– Battery Charger
– Connect Buckle etc.