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Syma S107 Remote Controlled Helicopters Sale

Syma S107 Remote Controlled Helicopters Sale

If you are thinking of buying a present for your kid at home, then you should seriously consider the Syma S107 RC Helicopters. In the past, Remote Control Helicopter was an expensive hobby where a typical model can easily cost a few hundred dollars. Moreover, it is bulky and usually played outdoors in vast open spaces. The maintenance cost is also relatively high due to the replacement or upgrading of parts. Children and adults alike are always fascinated by see this miniature helicopters buzzing around and stood still there to admire the precise controlling of the helicopter.

However, playing with remote controlled helicopters need not be an expensive hobby anymore with the introduction of the Syma RC Helicopters. The Syma S107 range of RC Helicopters is made for the mass market consumers. The main difference between Syma Helicopters and others is the price. Syma Helicopters are priced so affordable that it can be considered a toy whereas more passionate hobbyists will purchase more expensive models. The latter requires the owner to spend painstaking hours to assemble the helicopter together after purchasing. The Syma S107 is ready to fly once it is out of the box to satisfy the instant desire of the gift recipient to play immediately. Do not think that the low priced Syma S107 Helicopter is a gimmick, its body frame is made of metal to make it more sturdy and resistant to crashes or collisions.

Kids who are six years and above will love to have one of these radio-controlled toys, it replicates the control of real life helicopters which is a childhood dream for many. The controls for the RC toy are simple with only the Up/Down, Left/Right and Forward/Backward directions. The joysticks and buttons are well placed together on a small remote controller. The controller is ergonomically designed and fits into the small hands of most children. If you are looking for the perfect gift to give the young boy or teenagers, then the Syma toy helicopters will definitely be a contender. We have the full range of Syma S107 RC Helicopters for Sale now!

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The length of the Syma S107 RC Helicopter is around 7.5 inches, slightly longer than an adult’s palm. This allows the toy to be played indoors and need not depend on the weather conditions. A word of caution though, it is advisable not to play the RC helicopter when your home is packed with people as the rotating blades can cause some nasty cuts to the body. The eyes can be seriously injured and, in worst cases, lead to blindness or permanent injuries.

Exciting Features of the New Syma S107 Helicopters

Integrated Gyroscope – This new generation of Syma S107 Helicopters have built in gyroscope which helps to stabilize the toy when it is in mid air. Basically, the gyroscope helps to maintain the orientation of the helicopter by compensating the force in certain directions. This prevents the user losing control of the helicopter and crashing into the wall. A significant improvement of the Syma S107 over its predecessor, Syma S105, is the stability. Where the older model seems to always spin out of control even after trimming, the latest Syma Helicopter has a better balance built into it. There is minimal trimming you need to do because of this enhancement.

USB Rechargeable Battery – You need not worry about always spending money to change the batteries for the toy helicopter as they are now rechargeable. USB cable is provided with every box set and they can be plugged into your computer or other USB adapters. If you are charging from a laptop, make sure that it is using the power plug. Otherwise, the charging of the helicopter will drain the laptop battery in a matter of minutes. To give you an indication of the battery usage, a charge of around one hour will give you close to fifteen minutes of flying time. When you take out the Syma radio control helicopter for the first time, always give a full charge i.e. approximately two hours before you start playing. The remote controller itself requires 6 AA batteries.

Infra-Red Control – As the Syma Helicopter is mainly for indoor play, it uses the IR control mode meaning there has to be a line of sight from the remote controller to the chopper. This need not be a significant buying consideration because the toy is usually played in small places. Outdoor RC helicopters will use the more robust radio frequency for controlling because of the distance and external elements.

3 Channels – The wireless control system operates across 3 channels to prevent against interference from other similar RC controlled toys or helicopters.

Price – Probably the most attractive feature of the Syma Helicopter is the price. For less than $30, you get the complete all in one RC helicopter package with playing experience that rivals that of more expensive rivals. Do not panic when you are doing last minute shopping during Christmas or Black Fridays, the Syma S107 will never be far from the perfect gift.

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Consumer Reviews for Syma S107 Remote Control Helicopter

Ever since the introduction of the Syma S107 toy Helicopters, it has always been in the Top 100 Best Sellers in Amazon. Most buyers are generally satisfied with their purchase and felt that it definitely gave them value for money. Buyers are typically parents buying the helicopters for their teenage sons or girlfriends buying one as a gift for Valentine’s Day. In some cases, we even have fathers who became addicted to the toy and ended up buying the full range to play themselves!

“The Syma S107 is the best indoor micro helicopter you can buy. The Gyroscope technology is amazing. This thing is extremely easy to fly because it’s so stable. And it’s virtually indestructible. In my experience charging by USB takes about an hour and flight time is around 8 minutes or so. The worst part about this helicopter is waiting for it to recharge.” J.Piddock, Connecticut

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Price Reviews for Syma S107 Remote Control Helicopters

In the world of radio control toy helicopters, you will not be able find any other products similar to the Syma S107. For only $27.90, you get a sturdy body frame that can withstand crashes, powerful motor to do sharp maneuvers and integrated gyroscope for stability and control. Our store sells the lowest priced S107 Remote Control Helicopters with a price range of between $20 to $28. It is very affordable and makes the perfect value for money gift for your kid.


Safety Considerations when playing Radio Control Helicopters

Though the Syma S107 RC Helicopter is a toy, danger still lurks if you are not careful in handling it. The rotor blades which are spinning at high speed can cause some serious injury when it impacts on a person. Therefore, before you give the present to the child, be sure to educate them or their parents the safety measures to take when they are playing the toy.

1.       When the kid is playing the RC helicopter for the first time, an adult supervision is necessary to teach them the controls. It is advisable to let the child play in an open space to familiarize themselves with the controls and maneuvering.

2.       Do not play the RC helicopter in crowded places as it may cut people accidentally. It is also more challenging to control the flight of the chopper with so many obstacles.

3.       Do not let toddlers or children under 3 years old to handle the toy helicopter because there are small parts which can be extremely dangerous and life threatening if they swallow it.

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