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Syma S109G Apache Toy Helicopter Review

Syma S109G Apache Toy Helicopter Review

Ever flown a toy chopper? Well now’s your chance with the Syma S109G Apache AH-64 Mini Indoor Helicopter. The Syma S109G Apache is great for all ages from 8 to 80 if you have a yen to fly a chopper.

True you don’t get the same level of flight control and precision as a real hobby grade chopper, but you’re assured of loads of fun. It’s a great entry level bird if you’re new to remote flying, and it’s uncomplicated and low-maintenance.

This Syma Mini Indoor Helicopter offers three channels of control – lift, yaw and forward thrust. Its main rotor controls the lift taking the chopper up and down. The tail rotor allows you to turn the aircraft left or right. The speed at which it climbs or turns depends on the speed of the rotor you are operating. The third channel controls the forward/backward movement. It’s as simple as that.

The Syma Apache Toy Helicopter is surprisingly quiet considering it features two counter-rotating rotors. Virtually all the reviews it has received are positive and users have commented on how smooth and stable this toy heli is to fly and how responsive it is.

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Syma S109G Toy Helicopter Features

Here are some of its salient features:

·         Palm-sized, 3-channel toy helicopter

·         Co-axial structure perfect for rookie flyers

·         Thick plastic body makes it extremely durable and crash-survivable

·         Equipped with 4-in-1 receiver which enables it to fly in 6 axes

·         Chargeable through computer USB socket – charging time 20-30 minutes

·         Flying time 3-5 minutes

·         Control distance – 10 meters approx.

Price And User Reviews For S109G 3.5 Channels Mini Indoor Helicopter

The Syma S109G Apache comes highly recommended and is a steal at its current price of $23.40. You can also get a full set of replacement parts here.

Hundreds of users have recommended this toy helicopter with highly favorable reviews.

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Caution: This heli is for children of 8-years and above. It contains small parts which could be a choking hazard for children 3-years and below. Keep this toy away from small children.